Suggestions for Landscaping Your Property Line

ID-1002931Most homeowners landscape their property lines to create privacy. Some go with border planting, others install a privacy fence, and some choose both. If you opt for landscaping your property lines, see to it that you know the exact location of your boundary lines, if you’re not certain about it, contact a surveyor. And find out if there are any easements. If you would like to build a fence instead, know if the structure requires permit. Here are some great ideas to border landscaping:

Evergreen shrubs are excellent for landscaping property lines. They provide nice foliage all year round. This means that they also provide four-season privacy. Depending on your goals and tastes, you could plant such shrubs in hedges and trim them, plant them in rows and leave them untrimmed, or grow in mixed borders.

To achieve a screening along your property lines in a short period of time, opt for fast-growing shrubs like mock orange. If you put more importance to aesthetics than privacy, you cannot go wrong with flowering shrubs.

You can also mix flowering shrubs with evergreen shrubs. As long as you do it right, it could offer both aesthetic value and privacy. You can plan enough evergreen shrubs to block off the view into your property and inject enough colour by using flowering shrubs to keep your landscaping more attractive.

If you opt for a hardscape wall, consider hedgers. If they are trimmed nicely, they could offer a partition that looks like a green wall. If the neat appearance of even surfaces and straight lines and the crispness and formality of their hardscape feature are appealing to you then hedges are a  good choice.

Tall ornamental grasses like bamboo are also a great addition to your border garden. They require little maintenance and add interest to your border landscape during winter.

If you are looking for something that can help deter trespassing, consider holly shrubs. Such shrubs will not keep a serious burglar off your home, but their spiked leaves are not very comfortable for someone to brush up against.

wood-fencing-lattice-topFences are another great structure to your border landscape. For one, you there are many fencing options available. There are many styles and fencing materials to choose from: wood, steel, and PVC vinyl. Your final choice will depend on what you want to achieve. Some fences primary provide privacy (such as paling fences) and/or security (such as chain-link fences), others gear to appearance (such as picket fences), and some offer all.

If you want complete privacy, you can put up a tall privacy fence. To add interest choose one with latticework on top. You can adorn the fence with ornamental plants to disguise or complement the solid “wall.” A fence is a great backdrop for plants. If you want subtle screening, go with a stripped-down fence or use lattice, then add air plants or climbing plants like climbing roses to soften the tight weave of a lattice fence.

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